The Art of Scott Vigil

About Phone: 206.458.9979
"Bring me to where my hands can create beauty and inspire the imagination every day"

My Specialties:
Z Brush, Painter, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, animation, Concept Art, Illustration, Painting, Digital Sculpting, 2D 3D Concept Development, UX/UX, Branding


"Scott is a talented artist with an inspiring personality. His detail in thinking projects through each touch point coupled with his speed to produce visual assets, made him the go-to guy on our team. He learns new technologies quickly, has a great teaching ability, and is diligent in making sure the details are not missed. Scott is fun to work with and brings a positive spirit wherever he goes. He's an ace in my book."
Kerry (Tavio) Sawyer
September 1, 2013, Kerry managed Scott as Art Director at Artifex, Inc.
Director of Brand Advertising at Storm Products

"Scott has a natural talent. I saw him create so many pieces of artwork, motion, 3-D models, you-name-it! Scott's artistic abilities never ceased to amaze me! Scott as a person is very mild tempered. He is soft-spoken, but means business. He's not afraid to stand for what he believes in. With this combination of talent and personality, he'll fit like a glove in any work environment that needs his skills. Snatch him up if you can!"
September 15, 2013, Troy worked with Scott at Artifex, Inc.
Senior Developer at Apollonian Publications, LLC.




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